No Diaper Bag, But Cute Outfit

The internet did yield an idea in lieu of welting for the diaper bag trim. I watched a video where a woman showed how to make fringe using yarn and ribbon, which caused me to remember the fringe created by leaving the seams poking up on a denim quilt. So I put the two ideas together today, and made a strip of fringe out of denim. Many strips, actually. I devoted an entire leg of a pair of jeans to the project. I had a pair of my old jeans I unsuccessfully tried to convert into maternity pants. So at least I'm getting some use out of them now.

After sewing 2" strips of denim in half and clipping the free ends to encourage fraying, I ran them through the wash. They are already starting to fray, and now that they're in the dryer, I expect it to continue. They'll be frayed enough to look ok on the bag as-is, but they'll look better over time as the fray progresses. But they won't be ready in time to finish the bag before we leave for the party tonight.

Not wanting to fail at both my goals, I did manage to eke out a cute baby outfit. I am glad William's new white onesies came in a 5-pack, they're perfect to embellish. I thought about stitching over yarn to make a design, or using blue and red thread to stitch a design onto the outfit, but it's kind of hard to work on such a small garment when it's still constructed, the little tube that it is has to stretch over the sewing machine arm and it's difficult to move around.

Thank goodness for fabric markers-- they come in handy for a quick fix. I drew some fireworks on the front, and wrote "FIRECRACKER!" over his butt on the back. If I had any sequins, I'd hand-sew a couple on to kick it up a notch, but I don't have any sequins. And I think all the little beads I have are in neutral colors, nothing colorful. But now I'm inspired, I probably do have some red and blue ribbon, I could tack some of that on to add dimension to the design.

Or paint my own toenails, since I've got less than an hour until we leave. Eh, the kid is cute enough as-is, I think I'll leave him with his 2-dimensional fireworks. I'll give myself some sparkly red toes.