Candy for Breakfast

I'm still (happily) eating leftovers from my Halloween party, and that includes candy. I got two big bags of chocolate candies from Sam's Club, one of Hershey's brand candy and I think the other is Mars' brand candy.

So it's around 10am on a Sunday morning, and although the fridge is fully loaded nothing in there stimulated my appetite. But when I walked into the living room and saw the pumpkin-head full of miniature candy bars, my taste buds awoke in anticipation. Once I decided that I was going to eat candy for breakfast, I did try to make a healthy choice within that parameter. But what is the best candy to eat for breakfast?

I started with a Kit-Kat, since it has that crunchy stuff in the middle that is probably made of something similar to frosted flakes cereal, which is clearly breakfast food. Then I decided I needed some protein to keep from getting the sugar low later, but I wasn't sure which of my candies has the most protein. I started with a Reese's peanutbutter cup, because peanuts were listed higher on the ingredients list than sugar (but only if you don't count the sugar in the milk chocolate). Not sure if that would be enough protein I ate an Almond Joy also just to be safe. Although now I have a very slight stomach-ache and I'm going to eat some peanut M&Ms to try to fix that.

Aaargh! There are regular M&Ms in the mix, but no peanut M&Ms!! So I'm eating a Snickers bar since that is very substantial with peanuts and all sorts of stuff. Yum. Anyway, so I've got milk, protein, and grains consumed so all I need is a serving of fruit. Chocolate-covered-cherries are all I can think of off the top of my head, but they aren't in my pumpkin-head. Do individually wrapped chocolate-covered-cherry candies exist? Wouldn't it have been great to get *those* when trick-or-treating? I've got some cherry Twisters, but I don't think there is any actual fruit in those. Maybe next year I'll get some fig Newtons. Do they come individually wrapped?

I've got a few chocolate-covered rice-crispies ghosts & bats left, but I usually eat one of those for an afternoon snack or evening dessert, not breakfast. Despite the cereal. They're a little heavy for breakfast, I think.

The Snickers bar has not helped alleviate my stomach-ache, so an all-candy breakfast might not have been as good an idea as I thought. I bet I'd be fine if only I had some fig Newtons. So this leaves me in the unfortunate position of having to eat *two* breakfasts to get me through to lunch which is not good for my figure. But the leftover pizza is going to be just the thing, and I've got just enough time to eat a slice before I get ready for church.

More later when I check the nutritional facts about these little candies and see if an actual balanced meal is possible with the right combination of candy.