Picnic, But No Doctor

William had a follow-up appointment with neurology today at 2pm. I knew the Kluge Children's Rehabilitation building had nice grounds, so Terry and I decided to get sandwiches at Bel Air and have a picnic before the appointment.

It was very pleasant in the shade, and the sandwiches were so good I've decided I'm not going to bother getting sandwiches at Foods of All Nations anymore, I'll deal with the inconvenient turn-around situation (it's at a very awkward intersection for making a left turn onto 250E) at Bel Air since their sandwiches are just that much better.

We went to check in early, per our instruction sheet, but the receptionist didn't have any record of our appointment. I showed her the phone number I called to make the appointment, so she called THAT receptionist, who said she called and left messages both on our home phone and Terry's cell phone yesterday afternoon telling us our appointment was cancelled.

We didn't get any messages. The last person I talked to from the office called to confirm I was going to be there with William on the 7th at 2pm. They really should have handled this better, in my opinion. And they summarily rescheduled us for 9am on the 21st. That's too early, so I asked for a later appointment, but she said it would be another month until they could fit us in later. I just took the 9am. But I'm thinking of calling back and pushing it off until August if that's what it takes to get a more convenient time. Terry and I hate early morning appointments, we're used to staying in bed until 9am at least, but usually 10am. First I'll have to see when we're going to take our vacation in August, then I'll call to reschedule. It's not like anything is wrong with William. This is just @#$#@ hospital CYA @#$@# and an example of why healthcare costs are unreasonable. It's not like they're doing US any favors by requesting we go to these appointments, we're helping THEM with their epilepsy study for kids who have the chill treatment.

Mostly it made me mad at the whole healthcare system, it really wasn't THAT much of a hardship for us, since we did have a nice picnic, and we needed to pick up a few things in town afterwards anyway. Terry sold our chair mat for $10. He is just plugging away on craigslist, selling off our now-useless odds & ends. If he can unload the drapery cornices, we'd be that much closer to being able to fit the car in the garage so we don't have to get into red-hot black leather seats all summer. One of these days I'm going to snap, and just march into the garage and rudely shove everything from one side to the other so I can pull my car in again. I haven't been able to get in there since CONSTRUCTION STARTED LAST MAY. Grrr.