Made Breakfast, Lunch

Haven't done much today. I suppose I'm still recovering from yesterday-- I had W out with me from 9:30am until after 5pm. One of things I did yesterday was pick up the fabric for the upstairs lounge shades (despite the fact that the fabric was supposed to be delivered to my HOUSE, they messed up but I didn't get too mad since Terry called to let me know while I was at the Sam's Club which is right across the street from the fabric shop).

I've been thinking about sewing the shades all day so far, but haven't done anything about it except carry the roll of fabric upstairs. It's a start, I guess.

Terry hasn't been feeling well, so I made breakfast. We still hadn't used the blackberries he picked a few days ago, so I boiled them and added just a touch of maple syrup, then made crepes and filled them with the blackberry sauce. I went ahead and sprinkled powdered sugar on top to make them look pretty. It didn't take long to put together, but it did make more mess in the kitchen than oatmeal would have. I hadn't counted on Terry CONTINUING to not feel well into the afternoon, so I might have to do the dishes myself. Horror!

Terry had the foresight to put some of our leftover frozen pulled pork to thaw in the fridge. So I made sandwiches for us, served Terry's to him in the bedroom. His throat is sore. I hope he's not coming down with something. His nose has been running for days, but he insists it's just allergies. I don't know. I've kept my distance and feel fine. I should keep W away from him, too.

I bought a knitting pattern for making wool shorties & longies. I don't really need any more wool diaper covers, the four we have is plenty. But they are all the same color, natural wool. They match some of W's shirts, but I would like some color variety. I read through the pattern, but got a little overwhelmed so I'm setting aside the thought of starting that. Instead, I'm considering getting back to knitting socks, since I've only knitted one in each pattern, W doesn't have a single pair yet.

I also updated a half-dozen stock charts. Now that I write it all down, I guess I've been reasonably productive today after all! It's 2:30pm, and a friend is going to the park around 4:30pm. If I wanted to meet her, I'd have to leave the house around 4pm, just an hour and a half from now. I'm on the fence. I've dragged W out with me two days in a row now, so I hesitate to take him out again, perhaps I should give him a break. Plus, it's cool and cloudy out, and threatens to rain. I don't want the hassle of toting him around in the rain, I already did that yesterday and it was a drag. On the other hand, it's not like I'm really doing much here, might as well be social. And get away from Terry in case he IS coming down with a cold. Or swine flu.