William Swung, Got Wet

I tried to keep William on his schedule today despite our activities. I held up MY end of the deal, helping him to fall asleep for naptimes, etc., but he was less cooperative.

Our first 3-hour cycle got off to a late start which actually was entirely my fault. W woke up around 4:30am with a wet diaper, so I changed him and helped him fall back asleep. But not before Terry came charging in from the other room demanding that I feed him, since it was "obvious" that he was "starving" if he woke up at 4:30am. I ignored Terry. The only thing that was obvious to me was that William couldn't sleep with a wet diaper. And once he was changed, I was able to get him back to sleep within minutes. I suspect if he actually was "starving" he'd have kept crying until I fed him.

But when it WAS time to feed him at 7am, I slept through the first beeping of my alarm. Then when I started feeding him around 7:10am, I fell asleep WHILE I was feeding him, and woke up again around 7:50am. Whoops! At least the boy ate well, my breasts were empty when I awoke. I contemplated skipping our morning walk, but it was such a nice day I figured we'd just take a short one. To the top of the driveway and back. It was STILL a workout pushing the stroller up that hill. I wasn't able to get William asleep by 8:30am per the schedule, although I did persevere with the "shush-pat" thing until he fell asleep a bit after 9am.

I intended to leave the house immediately after his next feed at 10:30am, but because I spent the time during his prior nap resting instead of preparing everything I needed to bring, I didn't get out of the house until 11am. So it was W's 11:30am naptime when we arrived at the park. However, it did work out since he fell asleep in the car and kept on sleeping once I carried him to the park.

But he didn't STAY asleep until 1pm like he was supposed to. He was enjoying looking at all the other kids, he really seemed interested in everything that was going on around him. Which was nice, since I get the feeling he's kind of bored at times just hanging around the house with us. Although his nap was short, he was in a good humor and didn't mind waiting until the scheduled time to eat at 1pm.

For his 1:30pm activity time, we tried two new things. First, I stripped him to his diaper and took him to the water playground part of the park. Basically some big fancy sprinklers, fountains, etc. Most of the kids that were there earlier were gone by this point, so it wasn't crowded at all. I held William near the big sprinkler, first so he could just look at the jets of water spraying out, then near enough his foot got wet. He wasn't quite sure what to make of that. I held his hand in the stream so he could feel the water that way. Again, he didn't hate the experience, but neither was he cooing with delight. I walked right up to the sprinkler pole so the water just went over our heads, and all we felt was a slight mist. He liked that better, but was still not particularly happy. Then I figured out he was having a hard time because of the glare from the sun. So I moved to another spot so my shadow covered him, and he began to have a better time. But we didn't stay to get too wet, since I hadn't brought a towel or anything, so whatever hadn't dried by the time we walked back to our stuff I was able to wipe off with a clean burp cloth.

Then I put him in the sling, and went to the swingset. I sat in the swing, and swung just a very little bit at first. His eyes got wide, and he smiled at that. So I tightened the sling around him (I had him in the cradle hold so he couldn't see anything except my face) and swung a little higher. He liked that A LOT! He was smiling and giggling and cooing! His little eyes were so big, as if to say, "Wow! This beats the heck out of a rocking chair, what IS this??" I'll have to take him to swing more often, that was pretty fun.

While he was in the sling, I tried one of those little bouncy-things, you know the characters on giant springs you ride on like a horse? William seemed to like that as well, but it was extremely uncomfortable for me so that didn't last long. Then we went to quilt club.

He was starting to get fussy, since it was getting close to his naptime, but he didn't want to sleep in the sling. He was content to lie on top of my quilt which was on a table. The quilt instructor just loved that, was very distracted by this little baby on the table. William was quiet long enough that I had time to learn a bunch of different quilting techniques and to discuss what might look best on my own quilt. I opted not to practice any of the stitches while I was there, since I wanted to at least give W the opportunity to sleep in his carseat for his naptime.

This time, he once again fell asleep at the proper time, but he was unable to continue his nap once I was home and the car stopped moving. I was unable to get him back to sleep for the last 30 minutes of his nap, and by this time after missing half of each of his previous naps, he was very cranky. But he felt better after he ate.

But then when it was time for his catnap, he was so overtired it took me a full 30 minutes to get him settled down, and he only slept for 45 minutes after that. Although that part was fine, since the catnap was only supposed to be 30-45 minutes.

But I was able to fit in an entire bedtime "routine" by 7:30pm-- feed, then bath, then I read him a bedtime story. I've been reading "Goodnight Sleepyhead" to him in the evenings, I like that one. And he fell asleep in only 15 minutes this time, with almost no crying. Phew! So I was able to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" from the beginning without interruption. Yay!

When I got home, Terry complained once again that he was very upset that I am "starving" our son, and he thinks I should stop. I complained that before Will was born, he read the Baby Whisperer's schedule philosophy and thought it was a great idea, so why now all of a sudden was there a problem? I made him re-read the chapter about sleeping. He read out loud all the parts that described when it was necessary to feed the baby more often, but I pointed out that none of them were applicable (most were for infants less than 8 weeks old). And the parts he read that WERE applicable that suggested a three-hour feeding schedule might not be appropriate, but that the solution was NOT a 2+ hour schedule, but a FOUR-hour schedule. Yup. Uh-huh. And I'm on step 1 of the 25-day transition plan to get there. In the book it's only 15 days, but I figure there's no need to rush the 4-hour schedule before he's 16 weeks old. I hope this little refresher course will help Terry to get with the program. Although I don't expect him to be able to deal with the crying as well as I can, so I'm still fully in charge of William for most of the day.

I'm supposed to go to a charity meeting tomorrow at 5:30pm, but I don't know if I'll go. While on the one hand, it's a good time to drag W out of the house because he only needs a catnap then, so if he can't sleep for long it doesn't throw off his schedule. But on the other hand, when he has an activity so close to his bedtime, he gets too worked up and then can't fall asleep until well after 8pm. Our neighbor came over for a visit yesterday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, and W couldn't fall asleep until nearly 9pm, despite me having him swaddled and trying to get him to go down from 7:30pm. Same thing happened when I took him to the 5:15pm Mass on Sunday. So I'm now trying to make sure his activities are over by 2:30pm each day if possible.