One Ham Sandwich Is Never Enough

Terry did the grocery shopping this week, and he got some thinly sliced lunchmeat ham. I almost never buy deli meats, and on the rare occasion that I do, it's usually smoked turkey. It's not that I don't like sandwiches, I really do, but the bread-to-nutrient ratio doesn't suit me, I prefer more healthful meals if possible.

But this is what we have available to eat this week, so I'm eating sandwiches. Because I'm still avoiding cheese for William's sake, my sandwiches are generally bread, ham, mayo, and tomato (if available, Terry's crop is just now coming in from the "Early Girl" variety).

Boy, do I love the flavor of that ham/mayo combo. Mmmm, mmm, good. We always start just eating one sandwich, but I can't help myself, I usually go back into the kitchen and make myself another. I guess this is another good reason why I don't buy lunchmeat and bread! It's too easy to overeat sandwiches. When I have to cook the meat, it takes longer, and I've got to be REALLY hungry to fire up the pan again. But another sandwich? What the heck, it takes less than a minute to prepare.

I'll have to be sure to do the grocery shopping next week. We still have some frozen leftovers I'll pull out to get us through the weekend (I'm sure Terry forgot all about them, he'll think I cooked again. . .).

It might be time to subscribe to the "six o'clock scramble" again. That's the website that emails you a bunch of recipes, then you select the ones you want for the week and print out both the recipes and the grocery list. I've got a bunch of recipes already from the last time I used it (the subscription was a gift from my sister), but I think it's been over a year now, and I'm ready for some more variety. It's easier than scouring my cookbooks for recipes that are quick, easy, and nutritious. Since I usually buy cookbooks based on deliciousness of the recipes rather than the convenience of the recipes. Since some of the "quick and easy" recipe books I've gotten in the past have yielded disappointing meals. But the Scramble have ranged from ok to delicious, with nothing bad so far.

Eh, what am I waiting for? Let me sign up now before I put it off and forget. By the way, I've been munching on trail mix while I blog now, so I am no longer hungry for the second ham sandwich. But I just substituted one unhealthy food for another. Not that my trail mix is particularly unhealthy, I think it's pretty reasonable. What's unhealthy is eating an entree-sized portion instead of just 1/4 cup. I've started the part of the diet that acknowledges that I am making a CHOICE to eat in an unhealthy way, without actually changing my actions. Eventually, I will tire of saying to myself, "I want to eat a lot of trail mix because it is delicious. I would rather eat the trail mix and stay fat than make a healthier food choice." Eventually, I'll begin to say to myself, "I want to eat a lot of trail mix because it is delicious. But instead of doing that, I'm going to make a healthier choice and go downstairs and get a bunch of crunchy carrots to snack on." But I'm not there yet. Gotta let the diet develop in its own time, or it won't take. Seriously, that's why the Dr. Phil diet works where others don't. It's very psychological.