Schedule Step Two Executed

Today was the first day we put William on step two of his five-step program toward 4-hour feeding cycles. It went off without a hitch!

This schedule actually seems to suit him better than the 3-hour schedule (it's roughly a 3 hr 15 min routine now) the way the activity times and naps are stretched out. We get 1.5 hours of activity time now, so maybe on Monday I'll try to get a playdate at a park. 30 minutes to drive out, an hour to play, then we'll see how William naps on the ride home, and if he can finish his nap once arrived at home. That's the hard part, getting him back to sleep if he wakes up.

We've got a cider-tasting and dinner to attend on Sunday night. It starts at 6pm, which is during William's bedtime routine. I haven't decided if I'll take him off schedule for this, or try to get him to sleep in his carseat or stroller away from home, or what. I don't have a sitter lined up, so that's not an option right now. Maybe I'll just send Terry and I'll stay home. Although he's no good at evaluating the ciders.

Whoa, it's after 11pm. I've gotta go give William his "dream feed". He's been sleeping like a little lamb since around 8:30pm. Terry helped him to sleep tonight since he couldn't figure out anything to make for dinner. I made some beef & rice with onions, shallots, and green pepper. Not exciting, but at least we got all the food groups.