More Housework, Less Sewing

I'm getting less sewing done now that William is slightly more interactive. He's not interactive enough to be particularly interesting to me, but he's really into observing his surroundings, and protests if they are not interesting enough for him. He doesn't like observing me sewing, even when he's right in a sling on my lap. And I can't use the iron when I'm with him in any event, that's just too dangerous. Even with the sewing, it's hard to see over his head when I'm wearing him, and I don't cut fabric as neatly, I have to watch his little fingers and keep them away from all my pins and needles which are within easy reach or else I can't use them myself.

And now that his activity times are getting longer, I can no longer really amuse him just by making faces, etc., since I get bored with that after a few minutes. Before, he would be ready to sleep after a few minutes, so it worked out. Now he's up for hours at times.

So I've been using his activity times to do housework. I make the bed every day, and usually do some dishes. Today I folded the clean sheets, put away some clean clothes, sorted and washed laundry. William is reasonably interested in any chore as long as I'm wearing him and it doesn't require more than 15 or 20 minutes in the same room. But he's nearly 14 pounds now, and I get tired carrying him around! If I didn't have my slings, I would last even less long since my arms certainly would give out after the first 15 or 20 minutes.

Today when I was too exhausted to clean anymore, I took him downstairs to play piano. He was in the baby bjorn in front of me, and I played the piano and sang. I pulled out a book of folk songs I liked when I was young and was able to get through about five songs before he got tired of that. Yesterday I played bass with him. He had less patience to just listen to that and wanted to play himself, I guess his father has really been spoiling him that way. But maybe the kid will turn out to be an ace bassist, who knows. I played the lower strings, and let William play the upper strings. That was amusing for both of us for about 15 minutes.

During William's late-afternoon activity period I was too sore from carrying him around earlier in the day to finish laundry while wearing him. So I put him in an empty laundry tub to watch. He kept sliding down and eventually got himself all uncomfortable with his body one way and his head another. So after that, I just put him on his back on the floor. He is surprisingly content to lie on hard surfaces. He just flails his little arms and legs around like a bug, grinning like a little fool. So now I don't bother dragging a baby-seat into whatever room I'm going to be in, I just plop that baby right on the floor. I bet Thomas Jefferson didn't sit in baby seats. The floor has probably been the location of choice for infants for centuries, no?

Terry doesn't like walking into a room and seeing his son wiggling around in the middle of the floor, but Terry wasn't home today. He went tubing with his friends. While I stayed home to take care of the baby. So unfair. At least Terry was good enough to take over helping William to sleep after I fed him tonight. I get tired taking care of him after six or seven hours. I have a greater appreciation for women who want to go back to work. I was entertaining thoughts of getting a job in the bakery of the new Harris Teeter, myself. Not because I really need a job, but it would be a valid excuse to get out of the house without the baby for 20 hours a week. Maybe get a job as a barista at the new Mudhouse in Crozet.

While William's schedule has been helpful in motivating me to add a little housework to my own routine, it's severely cutting into the time I spend sewing. Because by the time he's napping, I'm so exhausted from carrying him around while doing chores, I don't feel like pulling out a sewing project. Or anything. I just lie in bed and work a few puzzles, but over the past few days I've been falling asleep right along with him. I know I'm burning more calories carrying him around than I was was just holding him in my lap, but is it cancelled out by the fact that I now sleep during his naptimes instead of working on other projects? I hope not.

Anyway, here it is, Saturday night, and I want to watch a movie but I still don't have the second shade done. I barely have it started. Fenway peed on the fabric last week, and I've been dousing it with Nature's Miracle ever since. I'll eventually get the smell out, but it takes time. Douse, let it dry, sniff, douse in another spot, let it dry, repeat. Fenway has been banished completely to Terry's studio. He's got a litterbox in there, his food and water. He's completely segregated from the other cats, and he only gets human contact when Terry's in there. I went in with William to pet him today, but he ran away from us, so I left him. He likes to be chased, but there is so little room in there with all Terry's equipment I can hardly walk through there regularly, let alone with a baby strapped to my chest. Maybe tomorrow he'll figure out he's got to come to us to get pets, that a chase just isn't going to happen. But he seems reasonably content in there by himself, he never meows to get out. Maybe instead of making him an outdoor cat, he'll just be Terry's studio cat. Because I have had enough of him peeing in the house. So has Terry. If this two-week segregation doesn't cure him, he will never walk freely in the house again, we'll have to find an alternate solution.

If I haven't been able to get rid of the cat pee smell in the fabric by the end of next week, I guess I'll just order new fabric. It's a chafe since the current stuff is already measured and cut exactly to size, but I'm not interested in a permanent cat pee smell permeating the upstairs lounge. Fortunately, I think it's just a 1-yard minimum for special orders, so I won't have to get extra since I need a little over a yard to finish the project.