Baby On A Bathmat

After I put William on the pot and put a fresh diaper on him, I put him down on the bathmat while I clean up. I usually sing a song (I made a little tune where I repeat, "baby on a bathmat, ba-by on a bath-mat, baby on a bathmat, ba-by on a bath-mat") and William flails about. He looks like a bug pinned to a board, but is cute nevertheless, no?

Whoa, I just checked out my own video on youtube, and they show "related videos" on the side of the screen. There are one heck of a lot of videos of babies wiggling around out there. On bathmats, in their cribs, on the floor. I am shocked by how goofy most of the babies look. William is really an exceptionally attractive baby, I guess I get spoiled because he's the only one I have to look at all day, I forget how good I've got it.