William Traumatized By Academic Pressure

On our way home from our walk this morning, we passed our neighbor driving in the opposite direction. She hadn't seen William in a while, so she parked the car and hopped out.

She was cooing over him and all was fine until she said, "You look so smart! I can tell. . ." but she didn't finish her sentence because right then William scrunched up his little face and burst into tears. I thought it was hilarious, I told Karen that he's a bit young for people to have such high expectations for the little guy. My personal suspicion is that he might not be all that smart. For one, he's attractive, and looks and brains don't necessarily go together.

For another, the kid couldn't even figure out how to breathe when he was born, so I don't know what that bodes for the future. He's not particularly advanced for his age. He's hitting some milestones on time, but others he doesn't even seem close. Like the whole rolling-over thing. I try to help him, put him on his side so he only has to roll over halfway, etc., but he doesn't get it. He's just now beginning to be able to hold things. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's slow with anything, but I just am not seeing any precociousness. Except maybe for the bass-playing. I suspect that is unusual at his age. But the girls his age I see at the LLL meetings seem much further along, as girls tend to be when they're young. I'm not worried about him in the least, but I'm not ready to expect an academic superstar, either.

I was able to soothe William very quickly, but my friend felt bad for making a baby cry. I assured her it was just because he was tired (he had already started nodding off during our walk, and I had to try to keep him awake since it wasn't near enough his scheduled naptime, so he was a little grouchy). But I did think the timing was funny.