Looking For A Beach House

Terry reminded me that August is approaching, and I still haven't found us a place to stay for our vacation. I narrowed down the options to four properties in Manhattan Beach, and am waiting to hear back from the owners.

I haven't been to Virginia Beach in many, many years, so I don't know if we'd like it there or not. But we KNOW we like SoCal. And we have a number of friends there we'd like to see (we know no one in VA Beach). So we'll see how a cross-country flight with a baby works out. I'll ask my friend Melissa if babies get jet-lag, she just got back from CA with her little one.

I hope my pregnancy bikini still fits. My figure is different than it was last November. I'm pretty sure I weigh MORE now than when I was five months pregnant. Eh, it is what it is. I'm not going to be entering any swimsuit competitions, or jumping around on the volleyball courts.

Once I get the house details squared away, I'll have to get a car, and then see if I can rent a stroller. The Strand is long, and I don't think I want to carry William in a sling walking all that way. I guess we could bring our own stroller, but it is a beast to travel with (we don't even put it in the car much, we use it for our daily walks at home), and it would be much easier to rent the same model for a week or two if I can find one.