Easy Travel Bed

I've been putting William in his cradle for both napping and bedtime since I've started him on a regular schedule. The first time he slept elsewhere was our recent trip to Richmond, he would nap in a swing and slept in the pack-n-play. The swing was fine, he seemed to like that, and would stay contentedly in it even if he wasn't asleep but it was still "naptime".

He was fine with the pack-n-play, and slept all the way through the night without waking up at all, even to fuss. I, however, hardly slept a wink. In his cradle, William can't move around much, it's plenty long, but not very wide. But in the pack-n-play, which is square, he was moving around all night. And the foam bottom had a noisy covering on it, so it made noise every time he scooted around. And he also had room to lift up his legs and slam them down without hitting anything, so he did that a lot. All night. I kept waking up and listening to see if he was going to wake up and fuss, but he never did. Just kept slam, slam, slamming his legs down in his sleep. The cradle is wooden, and if he tries that at home he'll hurt himself, so he doesn't do it. When I woke up after his night in the pack-n-play, he was turned around 90 degrees from where I put him down the night before.

I hear that a lot of people use these pack-n-plays as travel beds, but given my recent experience, I'm not really interested in that. And now that he's got a nice sleep routine I don't want to mess that up by putting him in bed with us overnight again. I figure a crib would present the same problem as the pack-n-play, giving him too much room to move around in his sleep. So I'm going to use the Peapod as his travel bed.

To make sure William is also ok with that (it would be miserable to be on vacation and discover we had to come up with some other solution once in CA if William refused to sleep in his pod), I'm going to start putting him in his pod for naps.

The thing is lightweight, and has flexible supports that roll up into a disc when not in use. The whole thing is about the size of a trash-can lid when packed for travel. And it sets up in seconds. So for William's first afternoon nap, I popped the pod up on the porch where we were hanging out, swaddled him as usual, and set him in there. He fell asleep instantly!

I'm very pleased that went well. Since he's not only going to sleep in the pod when we're indoors, but also when we're out on the beach. I'll have to see if the condo where we'll be staying has an umbrella. If not, I'll rent or buy one when we get there, or get a pop-up cabana for Terry and myself. Neither one of us can spend much time in the sun, although we adore hanging out on the beach.