Terry and the Redundant Egg Salad

I was so mad this morning!! William and I were ready for our walk around the usual time (7:30 am), and went to see if his daddy would join us. No. He was still in bed, as usual. He used to get up even earlier to walk with us, but it's probably been over a month since he's accompanied us in the morning. Fine, I will continue to struggle up the graveled hills with the stroller by myself. I imagine it burns a lot of calories and increases my muscles, so at least there is an upside.

I was exhausted by the time we came home 40 minutes later-- William and I covered two miles today. Terry was still in bed. No coffee, no oatmeal. He was gone all day yesterday, leaving William and me at home alone (which was fine, William is a pretty easy baby now that he's on a more regular schedule, it seems to suit him). He got groceries, so I looked to see if there was anything suitable for a quick breakfast.

When I opened the refrigerator, that's when I saw the egg salad. Aaaaarugh! Before Terry left yesterday, he asked me what I was going to eat for lunch. I told him I was going to use up all the hard boiled eggs in the fridge and make egg salad. There would be enough for both of us. But the floor was still wet in the kitchen when he asked, and I said I preferred to wait the 20 minutes until it was dry before I made the sandwiches. He didn't want to wait that long and said he'd eat lunch on the road. Fine.

But WHY would he buy a deli container of egg salad when he was at the grocery store?? He KNEW I was making egg salad myself? I was SO MAD! Not only did he not bother getting up to make breakfast or coffee in the FORTY minutes I was gone (I got back after 8:30am, hardly the crack of dawn), but he filled the fridge with a salad we already had. I slammed the refrigerator door shut, and packed William up into his car seat. Hearing all the ruckus, Terry at that moment decided to get out of bed. I told him that William and I were going out to breakfast, goodbye.

We went to the new Mudhouse. William's naptime should have started at 9am, but he was asleep by the time we were on the road around 8:40am. I got a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin with orange glaze. It was good, but I would have enjoyed it more if there weren't three flies inside the restaurant trying to land on my muffin every two seconds. The coffee was good, which is not surprising because it is a coffeehouse. . .

I relaxed in one of the big easy chairs and read the Crozet Gazette while William slept. I forgot to make the crossword puzzle for the next issue (it's due tomorrow. . .) so I took the time to solve the puzzle from last month so I don't make it too similar. While I was working the puzzle, William woke up. Fortunately, he woke up happy and smiley instead of crying. I was able to keep him happy by holding his feet and rocking him in his carseat (it was on the floor next to me) while I finished the puzzle, but he was getting restless so we left immediately after that.

I was in a better mood when we returned home. I could smell that Terry had made some sort of baked-good for himself in our absence, but that's fine (I later found out he made a strawberry-rhubarb pie, I'm curious to find out if it's any good). I handed off the baby, who was supposed to be sleeping until 10:30am (he woke around 9:45am) and booked our flights to California. Terry was missing a buddy pass number, so I was only able to book his outbound flight. Grrr. I liked it better when his secretary took care of his travel plans, all I had to do was tell her the flight numbers and she took care of the rest. Oh well.

Terry will watch William during his activity times today so I can finish making reservations for our vacation next week. We'll be leaving next Wednesday, so we don't have a lot of time to figure out and get everything we'll need for travelling with a baby. Plus I've got to finish booking the flights, reserve a rental car, book a hotel near the airport for the day before we leave (we catch a 7:40am flight out of Dulles) where we can park the car.