Our old friends LeeAnn & Andy Cox stopped by this afternoon with Debbie Darlington and her husband Bob. The Cox's are just in town for the weekend, they live in Lexington, KY now, and I haven't seen them in well over a year. We had a nice visit, but Terry and I were sad they couldn't stay longer. But they do have a lot of people to see this weekend, so it's understandable.

But now Terry and I are both out-of-sorts. I guess we miss our old life. It's not just William, it's the whole thing. We don't spend much time in NYC anymore so we don't see all our friends there very much now. Terry used to have all kinds of contact with people when he was working, but now he's more isolated. I used to go out a lot to bars or other people's homes just to hang out with friends when Terry was out of town (either in NY or VA).

We're significantly more isolated than we used to be. Of course it is by choice, but there are days like today that remind us how much less we get out now. I suspect it will get easier when William will actually enjoy outings and we have more play dates, etc. And when we get a sitter! But for now, in these early months, we're at home a lot, and it gets old sometimes.