Looking For Laptops

I'm looking for a new laptop computer. I got mine five years ago, and it's no longer really meeting my needs.

I got one with a huge 17" screen and powerful desktop processors, since what I really needed was a desktop replacement. We were travelling back and forth between VA and NJ every few weeks, and keeping up with two computers was impossible for me. Just when you need a file, you discover it's on a computer 7 hours away.

We traveled by car, so I didn't really care about the weight (I think it's something like 14 lbs). I carried it from the car into the house or apartment, and it sat on its table until we switched states again. A few times when I was working or doing our taxes, I've needed to take it with me for air travel, but it's very difficult being so heavy.

And now I've got so many photos and illustrations and videos and stuff stored on it, that I'm running out of room, and the machine runs very slowly because there is not much memory to use to cache files (or something like that). Plus, we'll be going to more places than just NJ and VA now that we've sold the condo. We'll rent a place in whatever towns we want to spend time in now, and that pretty much opens us up to anywhere. And will probably involve air travel.

Terry says almost any laptop out there now will blow my current one out of the water. Top-of-the-line five years ago isn't very impressive now. I think I want something smaller and lighter, but Terry thinks I'll need to keep a large screen since that's what I'm used to. I don't know. Maybe tomorrow I'll swing by the Best Buy or Sam's Club or Office Depot and check out the laptops available.