First Post on New Laptop

Et Voila! I got a new laptop for $400 at Best Buy! William and I checked out the laptops at the Sam's Club, Office Depot, and Best Buy. I determined that I am over the 17" screen like on my old laptop, it's too big. But the 14" screens were just a little too small for me to see my stock charts comfortably, so I limited my choices to 15"-16".

I didn't really have a strong brand or feature preference. Yesterday, Terry pointed me to three laptops to take a look at, all under $700. This one was pretty close in specs to the Dell Studio 15, but was $239 less. That's a big difference! I know this isn't the brightest shiniest new laptop out there, but I wasn't that upset with the performance of my old computer until the memory got too full and it turned sluggish. So this will be faster than that, and TONS of memory so I won't have to worry about running out again anytime soon. And for $400, I can afford to get another in a few years if I need it anyway. . .

Vista is weird, but I'll upgrade to Windows 7 in October. I need to use the computer more to see how I like the other stuff, using a browser is of course pretty much the same no matter what.