Couture Carseat Carrier

I didn't realize I was perhaps making too fine a carseat bag until I was halfway through felling the inside seam. Felling the inside seam of a carseat bag. Really? I doubted that this was the best use of the current portion of the 40 hours or so until we leave for vacation. But the sick thing is, I couldn't bring myself to slack off once I realized I was doing too much.

If you're going to have a nice bag, have a nice bag, right? No point in lowering the quality halfway through, even if the project itself turned out to be not the best idea. Or not the best timing for the idea at any rate.

So now I have a protective carseat bag for when I gate-check it at the plane. The "traveling with baby" blogs pretty much all recommended putting the seat in a bag, otherwise it gets messed up with the other luggage-- straps get caught on things, etc. And if rough handling makes a piece of the plastic break off, then the seat is useless and you're out of luck when you get to your destination. While gate-checking the seat isn't foolproof (it still could get tossed around), at least it won't be nearly as bad as if it were checked with regular luggage and tossed around that way.

Because I took such absurd care in crafting the carseat bag (although it should certainly be sturdy, the seams are reinforced and it's two layers of flannel), I didn't yet make the stroller bag. Which is also recommended, so you don't arrive at your destination and have to duct tape the wheels to the frame because a handler accidentally snapped them off. Tomorrow I'll do that one. Unless I can find the red bag I made for Terry's golf clubs, it should be about the right size. I looked for it today, but have no idea where it went. I'll be very glad to find that, it will save me time. Even if I don't bother felling the seams for the stroller bag. . .