Packing Completion Waiting on Laundry

Last night I started to plan what outfits I'll take with me, and finished this morning. I was able to pull most together so they're folded on the bed, but since I have so few outfits that fit there are some I need to pack that are still in the wash.

I was able to pack all my beach clothes and accessories into their interior containers, so they're ready to go. I sent Terry to get some more, but the store didn't have any (interior containers, that is). I ordered the originals from LLBean, I guess I'll order some more, but it won't do me any good for this trip. They're lightweight zippered flat nylon "boxes" with mesh tops. They're very useful for keeping the suitcase and clothes neat and organized, especially since TSA started screening more often, making you take everything out and put it back in while you're standing at their back table. I get the special treatment more than most people since I travel on standby, and at least when I was following Terry around I'd have one-way tickets since sometimes I'd come back with him in the car or on another airline with a ticket bought separately. And one-way tickets are a security flag, almost certain to get get me stopped at some point.

Maybe I'll order some and have them shipped to CA so I can have them for the trip home. Hmmm. Not a bad idea. If I recall correctly, things ship very quickly if I use the LLBean credit card when ordering.