Packing For A Month

Hmm. Terry reminded me that the daytime highs are only in the mid to upper 70s. I'd forgotten about that, and had been packing for FL beaches instead of CA beaches. Just a few tweaks subbing out long skirts for short fixed that. But I also had to add several sweaters and jackets for when we go out in the evening. Now, my smart little pack of luggage looks like I'm running away from home with everything but the kitchen sink. Funny how bulky just a few warm items can be when the rest of the clothes are so small and thin.

Plus, I'm trying to fit William's stuff in with mine since I'm taking the large suitcase and leaving Terry with the carry-on. But his peapod takes up about 25% of the space in there, as compact as it is. I'll weigh the suitcase tomorrow to make sure it won't be overweight. If it's getting close, I'll put as many of William's things as possible in his diaper bag, since that is a freebie carry-on per the airline.

We are going to be one of those families with luggage stacked up on a cart going through the airport. But one has to learn how to travel light by trial and error. I didn't start out able to pack for two weeks with just a tote bag or small carry-on. It evolved over time. So we'll take a bunch of stuff for William, note what we wished we brought, note what we didn't really need, and start to evolve our stuff to include a third light packer. If we don't travel much with the boy, then it doesn't matter, we just take a lot of luggage the few times we go out.

I looked into rental prices for baby equipment, and it doesn't seem worth it. For example, it would have cost $65 per week to rent the same stroller we have at home. So instead of spending $130 on a rental, I spent $70 once on the carseat stroller frame, and can use that every trip as long as William fits in the carseat. We'll probably fly to NYC in September, so there's another use in about a month. What we lose in lightness we make up for with cost-savings.

Fortunately, William doesn't need fancy toys to keep him amused. I'll bring a few lightweight toys, but mostly he likes to interact with us. It's only when we want to ignore him that he needs toys. The new surroundings will be good, since he'll spend a lot of time just looking around.