Terry's Fun With Misidentification

Terry had two misidentifications of animals in a row today. Because Terry only has a temporary Virginia ID (the real drivers' license hasn't arrived in the mail yet), he forgot he needed to bring his passport until I asked him if he brought ID for the flight. Twenty minutes into our trip. We had to go back.

The delay affected our timing so I had to feed William in a parking lot outside Culpepper instead of in the airport hotel. While we were parked there, Terry said, "Look at the size of the rat under that truck!"

I looked, grinned, and looked back at Terry. But he repeated, more urgently, "Did you see it? It was gigantic!" He wasn't joking, he was really alarmed that we were in the vicinity of a giant mutant rat. I had to explain to him that all he saw was a normally sized groundhog.

A few minutes later I was complaining that I needed to put blinders on William because he kept getting distracted by watching the trees out the window, and wasn't concentrating on eating. Terry started his response, "like a," and I expected him to say "horse." But he surprised me with "parrot."

"Like a parrot? Who puts blinders on a parrot?" I asked. I had never even thought of putting blinders on a parrot. I thought maybe Terry knew of some tropical culture where parrots were common and people put blinders on them instead of covering their cage at night.

Alas, it was just Terry's poor animal identification skills again. "Aren't they called blinders? Wait, I think it's called a hood when it's on a bird."

I told Terry the reason he was making no sense was not because I couldn't figure out he meant hood when he said blinders, but that I didn't figure out he meant falcon when he said parrot. Polly, the hunting parrot, will probably be one of his slip-ups I'll remember for a long time since I got such a good laugh over that.