Traveling With A Baby, Part 1

So far, I'm happy to report that traveling with a baby hasn't been too difficult.

We got to our hotel last night right around 8pm, so it was just a little bit late to get William to bed, but he did eventually get to sleep in his peapod. He was a little worked up, so I didn't wake him for his dream feed at 11pm. He woke up hungry around 1am, so I fed him then, knowing I wouldn't have time to feed him in the morning.

Terry and I got up at 5:30am and were out the door before 6:00am. It took a long time to get through the check-in process, and again through security. It was more difficult to go through the whole TSA process with a baby, stroller, and extra luggage, but not difficult enough to put me off from the experience.

Boarding started before we arrived at the gate, but since we were flying standby that doesn't particularly matter, we always go on dead last. The flight was nearly full, but we did get seated. The gate agent gave us seats together, but when we got on board there were people in those seats, she had accidentally double-seated. So I had a window seat near the front of the plane, and Terry had a middle seat about halfway back.

The window seat was inconvenient, and I let William stay in a dirty diaper much longer than I would have if I were in an aisle seat. But the two people I had to climb over to get out were large, and it was a difficult maneuver while holding a baby, even when he was in his sling. So I only got up 2x during the flight. We had William in disposable diapers, so he wasn't as uncomfortable as he would've been in cloth for the same duration, but I still felt bad about it.

I fed him during takeoff-- he was very hungry by then since it was 40 minutes later than he usually eats in the morning, then entertained him until his naptime at 9am, and he slept pretty well until 11:30am. I was wearing him in the sling so I wasn't afraid he would fall off my lap or anything so I caught a few zzzs myself. After his 11:30am lunch feed, he read (er, chewed on) his book, he cooed at the stewards, the seatmates, William was pretty good-natured at that point.

He got a little fussy at the end during the descent. He wasn't hungry since he'd just finished eating, so I gave him a pacifier to suck on to help with the ear pressure. He wasn't screaming, so I figure that worked well enough. And it was only a few minutes, from about 3,500 ft altitude on down.

We were offered a Sebring or Town Car, and initially picked the Sebring since it would be easier to park. But Terry couldn't fit all the luggage into the trunk, and rather than put any in the backseat he sent me back to get the Town Car instead. Everything fit into THAT trunk, no problem. The trunk on the car is larger than some NYC studio apartments.

We strapped William's car seat into the middle of the back seat, and there was still room for me to sit comfortably in the seat next to him. In our own car, I usually make Terry ride back there with him since we have significantly less room next to the carseat in the back and he fits there better than I do.

Parking it DID prove to be a bit of an issue, it barely fits in the condo's garage. Terry had to pull clear up until the front bumper was touching storage boxes, and there is only 1/2" clearance in the back, so there really is no way for the other people to get to their cars without opening the garage door first. Oh well. I am glad that it fits at all. But it does have a luxurious smooth ride. . .

Once we got to the condo, William's behavior took a turn for the worse. Not that I blame him, he hasn't been able to nap undisturbed for two days now. I fed him several times in a row, trying to get him adjusted to west coast time. When I got him to sleep around 1:30pm (PST) I left him with Terry and headed to a nearby salon to get a mani/pedi. It was a nice break for me.

When I came back to the condo around 3pm, I could hear poor William wailing from out on the street. I hurried in to relieve Terry, and William felt much better with me there and settled down quickly. He wasn't hungry until 3:30pm, so I fed him, but he didn't nap well, and was fussy off and on for a few hours. I had Terry close all the blinds in the bedroom making it quite dark, and I held William until we both fell asleep until 7pm.

This time when I fed him, he was able to fall right back asleep. I'll give him a dream feed before I go to bed, although I don't know that I'll make it until 11pm PST. I think the surf festival events start early tomorrow morning (maybe around 7am?), but I don't think we'll have a problem waking up. It may be a bigger task keeping William asleep until a reasonable hour, we'll see.

William was definitely out-of-sorts this afternoon, but I am hopeful that the worst of the jet lag in this direction is behind us.