Getting Back On Schedule

William only woke up 1 hour early this morning (rather than 3), so I take this as an indication that he's getting over his jetlag and adjusting to his new schedule. I fed him at 6am rather than 7, but kept him in bed with us until it was time for him to get up around 7:30am. We went for our morning walk at the usual time.

We're down at beach level, and there is a steep hill up to the main retail drag. At first, I thought it would be very difficult to push the stroller up that hill, but compared to our driveway at home, it's a piece of cake! I think ours just doesn't look as steep since it winds around instead of going straight up. Plus we're not on gravel here. . .

We stopped at Peet's for coffee and pastries, then finished our walk by going out to the end of the pier and back. The sponsors for the surf festival are all starting to set up, and there are plenty of surfers out warming up for the competition (or not, there are always plenty of surfers out on the waves around here). The volleyball courts are starting to see some activity also. I think the best views of the action will be from the rail of the pier, but I don't have a good sense of how the crowds will be, and if we'll be able to snag a spot between William's nap times or if we'd have to get there so early it would not be practical for us.

We do have an excellent overall view from our condo, but we won't be able to see much "detail", ie follow individual games very well, or see the intricate maneuvers of the surfers.

I joined a weight-loss contest that my sister is running, and it just now occurs to me that perhaps competing to lose weight when I'll be on vacation two out of the four weeks wasn't such a smart strategy. On the other hand, now that it is in my thoughts it might serve to keep me from going hog-wild. At least we're in SoCal, where it's easy to find healthy meals. Tomorrow I may have a Jamba Juice for breakfast instead of a pastry, we'll see (as it was, I DID choose a relatively healthy bran muffin today instead of a flaky sweet thing).

I think all the rest of William's activity times will be out on the beach today. While he's adjusting to the time zone, I think I'll try to keep his nap times here indoors so he can be relatively undisturbed. He really needs to catch up on his sleep so he won't be as cranky as he was yesterday. So far, so good, he fell immediately asleep for his 9am nap, and although he woke up a little around 10am, I think he's back asleep and will stay down until 11am when it's time to eat. But if he wakes up a little earlier I will feed him, since he DID eat at 6am, not 7am. But he's not as little as he used to be, and he seems to be handling the longer stretches between feeding times relatively well.

He's very close to being fully transitioned to a 4-hour routine, eating at 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. He has two 2 hr naps per day, from 9-11am and 1-3pm, plus a catnap sometime between 5 and 6pm if he'll take it. This schedule will hopefully hold up until he starts solid foods (I estimate in mid-October). It's a very reasonable schedule, I like being able to schedule appointments and plan things now. And we've fallen into a de facto pattern where we have "family time" when William is having his activities, and I stay home with him during his morning nap while Terry goes out, and Terry stays with him during his afternoon nap while I go out.