Body Surfing

I took William out to watch the body surfing competition this morning, it started around 7am, we got there a bit after 8am. I thought it was interesting that body surfing seemed to be a sport just for old men. Then after a few heats, the announcer said they were nearing the end of the heats for the men's senior division. Doh!

William didn't seem too interested. The action was in the ocean, and it didn't really attract his attention-- his hands were much closer and more interesting. I took him home when he needed a diaper change, and watched a bit of the women's (technically, mermaid's) heats from the condo window. The waves weren't great, so it wasn't that interesting. Regular surfing is more fun to watch, but I think most of those competitions for this festival are down on Hermosa Beach.

We'll take him out to check out the beach volleyball festivities after his 11am feed. Everyone is costumed, so it should be interesting for him (and us, from the window I saw the "Amish" beach volleyball team, so funny to see them play in white shirts, black hats, and suspenders).