Traveling With Baby, Part II

The pace of our vacation is certainly different with a baby in tow. He can only stay awake and happy for about 1.5 hours after he eats, then he needs a nap. But it's fairly exhausting carrying him while walking through sand, so I'm ready to go home then, too. Then there are the two-hour naps in the morning and afternoon. We're more home-bound than we are used to. Thank goodness we have a condo and not a hotel room. And having a condo with a view also helps quite a bit-- it makes me feel like I'm participating in the party below when I sit in the window overlooking the revelry.

When we went out this afternoon, I didn't even attempt to walk through the volleyball courts with him, we kept to the periphery, which I wouldn't have done if it were just Terry and me. We haven't tried going out to lunch with him yet, but that will come later in the week. He's still a little jet-lagged, he didn't sleep well last night, and that kept Terry and me awake, too. Hopefully it didn't keep anyone in the adjacent condo units up. . .

While I wouldn't characterize this vacation with William as difficult, per se, I do think we're having a little less fun than we would have had without him. We're in that limboland where we can't do all the adult things we'd like to, yet he's too young to enjoy kid things. I can see that a beach trip will be more entertaining for us when he's able to build sandcastles, etc.

We'll have to break out of our old travel patterns, our typical itinerary will have to change A LOT going forward. At least until he's old enough to play with other kids. Then I think we're going to have to find other families to vacation with. That seems like the best way to keep the kids occupied enough so the adults get a break.

For now, we get no break. I guess his naptimes are a break, but our own entertainment options are limited to the house, or out on our own (either Terry or I can go out, not both of us) during that time.

I think I'll see if we can take him for his first swim lesson on Monday. A girl in my high school class teaches swimming to kids down near Irvine, and offered a free lesson, so I'll take her up on it. It will be interesting to see her after all these years! She says they keep the water in the pool heated to 92F so it's perfect for infants.