Terry and I stayed up late to watch the the talk shows, and Patrick Stewart was on Conan. Apparently, he's starring in Macbeth at the Lyceum Theatre, and is a phenomenon. It was discussed how the NYT reviewer said something like, "if you see Patrick Stewart in Macbeth, you'll understand why this play has been causing a sensation for 400 years" or something like that.

Ahh, the benefit of having a few drinks and a credit card at 1:15 am. The only "regular" seats available were on the mezzanine on the extreme left side of the theatre. Bleh, the theatre was built in 1903 which seems charming and historic, and it is, but having lived in NYC and gone to lots of shows, I know I prefer better seats. I'd only want those seats if I had gotten them for half price in the TKTS line, not at full price. BUT, there were some sweeet premium seats still available for the Thursday night Terry and I will next be in NYC. So we splurged and got them. Terry was all balking (they are 2x the regular seat price), but I peer-pressured him into acquiescence. C'mon, the best performance in 400 years? Let's spring for the good seats. Eight rows back, center stage, baby. One of the benefits of barrenness is no college tuition to save for. Maybe I'll make dinner reservations at Le Bernadin to round out a night of extravagance. . .nah, they're no good pre-theater. Maybe for Saturday night, our anniversary is approaching and what, are we going to go to Clifton Inn or Fossett's yet again? Our years in Manhattan really have ruined us for the rest of the world.