Beach Volleyball Finals

We took William with us to watch some of the beach volleyball finals after his 11am feed. We watched a game from the pier, but I don't think William knew he was supposed to be watching the game down on the beach below, he seemed to be looking at the top of the sponsor's tents, and was commensurately bored.

We then walked down to the beach, it wasn't nearly as crowded as yesterday, and picked a spot near court three to watch that game. I sat down, but Terry remained standing with William in the sling. Probably not a bad idea, so he could quickly turn around if a ball headed his way. I got hit in the shoulder with one, but it was off a bounce so it didn't hurt.

This was William's first sporting event ever, and I think it was also a first for Terry and me watching organized beach volleyball. We only got halfway through the next game before we brought William home for his nap. I want to watch more, but I don't know if there will be any games left when he's next ready to go out around 3:30pm. I might go myself and leave Terry here to babysit.