Long Day

Today we took a trip from Manhattan Beach to the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. We planned to meet my old friend Matthaeus for lunch sometime between 12:30 and 1pm. Google maps predicted the trip would take 39 minutes with no traffic, up to 1 hr 20 minutes with traffic.

It took us 2 hours.

We were on the 110N for an eternity, William had a breakdown and I had to take him out of his carseat to calm him down. But we weren't moving much so we figured he'd get LESS hurt in my lap where he wouldn't scream himself sick than in a carseat in a barely-moving car.

As we got closer to the problem area, we could see that the entire freeway had been closed. As we drove past some cops, I overheard one say to another, "there was a guy going to jump from the bridge". I presume he meant the highway overpass where we later saw firetrucks and other official vehicles. It was unfortunate that we got caught in that, but there really wasn't any way to predict that sort of thing, so what can you do?

Fortunately, Matthaeus lived right around the corner from a very nice french bistro, and we got a sidewalk table, which turned out to be perfect. William sat in the sling on my lap, and was a perfect angel the entire time-- I couldn't believe how good he was after that screaming performance he gave us in the car. He didn't even fuss when it was his scheduled time to eat. He didn't even eat then when I offered him his food! He seemed very content to sit quietly and people-watch.

So Terry, Matthaeus, and I had a good time at lunch. It's too bad Matthaeus lives so far away, I'd forgotten how much I like hanging out with him. We're opposite in a lot of ways, but he's incredibly good-natured. Way more so than I am. We were both graphics editors for the Cavalier Daily back in the day, so we do have that in common.

The trip home was during rush hour, but wasn't nearly as long as the trip out there since there were no accidents or other problems. Nevertheless, William threw another fit when we were just a few miles from home. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, all we could do was sing songs since that seemed to calm him down. He fell asleep immediately after he calmed down that time, so I guess he was just having a hard time transitioning from awake to asleep without being swaddled and lying flat.

Tomorrow we don't have any outing planned (although I may go hear Matthaeus' band play in Santa Monica if I have enough energy at night), so William will get a break. We've got a playdate set for him Thursday morning at a park in Venice Beach, his swimming lesson Friday, and brunch out with friends both Saturday and Sunday. I guess Monday we'll pack since we travel on Tuesday.

I'm very tired tonight. I've been falling asleep early lately. I've also taken over nighttime care of William, since Terry was once again doing who-knows-what and William wouldn't fall asleep for an hour. When I take care of him he's back asleep in 5 minutes or less. AND he slept until his scheduled 7am feed today, since I changed his diaper at 5:30am and he fell back asleep. Versus when Terry was doing it, upsetting him, and handing a screaming baby to me at 5:45am saying, "you better feed him, he's obviously hungry." Right. Mysterious how he doesn't get "hungry" when I change his diaper.