Peppersteak 1, Terry 0

Terry has been doing the grocery shopping since we've been here, leaving me home to take care of William. That's fine, if he does the cooking since he's the only one who knows what he's thinking when he's buying the food.

So he made steak for lunch. More accurately, he attempted to cook steak for lunch. Terry said the guy at the store said if he was going to broil it, to only give it five minutes. He asked me if he meant five minutes per side, and I said I thought so, given the thickness of the meat. About twenty minutes later, Terry served the steak.

The first red flag that went up in my head was that it didn't LOOK like steak. It looked more like a pot roast, although it was shaped like a steak. And it TASTED like a pot roast. Not that I could eat much, although it was a little cooked on the outside, it was absolutely raw (albeit warm) in the middle. I had a very difficult time chewing it, so I told Terry it needed to be cooked longer.

He complained that the guy in the store didn't know what he was talking about, broiling for only five minutes, since it's been over twenty. I asked Terry how close he had the meat to the flame. He replied that he had the pan on the top rack.

Aha, another clue. The condo here has a gas oven. The broiler flame is down near the floor and Terry should have answered "on the top setting" not top rack. I went into the kitchen and saw that although he did have the oven set to broil, and the flame was going well in the bottom compartment, he had actually cooked the meat in the oven from the ambient heat coming up from the broiler. No wonder it wasn't cooking!

When I opened the broiler door to check the flame, I saw that the broiler pan was still in there. I guess it was a good thing that Terry didn't know where the broiler was on a gas oven since he had the meat on a grilling pan and might've started a wicked fire if the fat had spattered into the flame.

I finished it in the oven. It never tasted quite like steak since the outside wasn't seared, but as an unusual steak/pot-roast fusion sort of dish I guess it worked ok.

Terry got mad and once again in frustration complained that he didn't know why he was the one cooking and not me. The same reason as always, hon, I'm feeding the baby while you're cooking the food. Or trying to cook the food, at any rate. Despite the broiler debacle, he didn't do too bad as far as meal planning was concerned, he put two food groups on the plate this meal; the steak plus an artichoke heart for each of us. So he's getting better.

On another note, it's after 1pm here, and Terry still hasn't wished me a happy birthday. Through the wonders of facebook, classmates I haven't seen in twenty years have wished me a happy birthday, but my own husband has forgotten all about it. I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and not mention it, give him some more time to remember. I mean, if he's the least bit observant on facebook he should see that it's my birthday. But pretty frequently he's NOT the least bit observant, so I don't have my hopes up. Nevertheless, it's not a bad birthday. It's a lovely day here at the beach, I had a steak lunch (it's the thought that counts), and I'll suggest we go to my favorite Mexican restaurant here for dinner, I've been looking forward to eating there since we arrived. I think it may be my favorite Mexican restaurant in the whole country, I'll see if the reality lives up to my memory of the place.

Happy Belated

Happy Belated Birthday!

Terry and I have been corresponding about cooking. I love to cook, I know it's not his favorite thing. I really read this post with great interest as a result.

It looks like the three of your are having a wonderful time on Vacation. I've enjoyed your regular posts and hope to see more.

take care,


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