Serger vs. Spa

Before our trip, Terry suggested I take a nice spa day in LA for my birthday, to which I agreed. But I have since changed my mind.

I spent so much time finishing seams when I made the stroller and carseat bags, that I think I'd rather have a serger (overlock sewing machine). And since it IS my birthday and I have not taken a spa day, I can't see how Terry can argue with that.

I didn't opt for the serger at the time I bought my new sewing machine, since I can finish edges using the "J" foot and overlock stitch on my current machine. But now that I've done that for a year and a half, I have decided that I am obsessed enough with finished seams that a serger will save me enough time that it justifies the purchase. I think I'll get one as soon as we get back to Cville, or at least as soon as the Viking dealer has a sale on sergers. . .