Number One Elite in Cake?

This morning I was ranked 32nd in portfolio performance among platinum market timers. Imagine my surprise when I logged in tonight and saw that I was the number one elite member on the website! And for performance, I've moved up to number seven among the elite market timers.

Here's the link to the page on the Cake website, but if you don't click it within the next 24 hours I'll probably be back off the list. I was promoted to the elite level once before, but it was only for one day before they knocked me back down to platinum. I bought some DXD yesterday, I guess that was just what my portfolio needed to give it a little boost. But I think it must be a bit of a fluke that I'm listed so high, probably due to the fact that several Cake employees have to link to my profile since I joined their advisory team. My returns really aren't all that impressive. I do keep a low-risk profile which seems to elude many Cake members.

What was especially sweet was when Terry saw how my performance is compared to other investors. After dinner when I told him I bought DXD he gave me a lecture about how he hoped when I lost money on this ultrashort it would be enough for me to learn my lesson and stop choosing such high-risk securities. But when he saw how high I was ranked, he wanted to see what the other top performers were invested in. Not many have DXD, admittedly, but they have been buying various other short ETFs. Hey, I'm diversified in my shorts, too, since I've got SDS. I'm hopeful that in time, Terry will stop second-guessing my investment decisions so I can do my job without feeling like I'm letting him down.