Terry and I Do The Jerk

We both looked so ridiculous trying to learn this dance we had to take videos of each other. I'm surprised how much I look like I'm going to fall over any second when I'm doing "the jerk" and we both are having a hard time with the running-type step called "the reject".

I might not have time to edit and post the videos tonight. We're leaving soon for the 5pm vigil Mass since we have a brunch date tomorrow morning. When we get back, the city of Manhattan Beach has a free showing of the latest Indiana Jones movie outdoors by the pier that is right in front of our condo, so we're totally going out there. Since we're literally only steps away from home if we have to bring William in, but hopefully he'll sleep out there, we'll bring his peapod and extra blankets. Finally, a way to see a movie with an infant!

I may have time to post the videos tomorrow afternoon. It'll be worth the wait if you want a laugh.