Staying Up For Dream Feed / Activity Recap

I am really tired, but am doing my best to stay up until William's "dream feed" time at 11pm. I can't figure out what gives him overnight gas. Some nights he'll sleep straight through, other nights he's up screaming.

Last night was bad, I was up with him at 3:45, 4:45, and 5:45 (well, around those times, I don't remember exactly, just that it was about once per hour). At 5:45am I couldn't even get him to calm down, he seemed to be in pain. So I went ahead and breastfed him to see if that would help. I think a nurse told me that their whole digestive systems get busy when they suckle and swallow, and eating did seem to help him work the gas out.

I just realized that I haven't blogged about many of our activities, I've only posted the photos. Since we've started trekking around LA I guess I've spent less time just sitting around the condo while William naps-- lately we're out or in the car during nap times. Except when we were trying to learn that dance, and this afternoon I posted the video for that.

Since I have a little time to kill before I feed the baby, here's a quick recap of our activities:

Thursday morning William had a play date with Dan Butler. Of course at his age, the play dates are more for my benefit since they're a good way to visit my friends who have kids of their own. Dan is fifteen months old and has a lot of energy, so after we hung out at his house catching up with his dad, David, we all piled up the strollers and walked to the playground at Venice Beach, and then out onto the beach itself. We didn't get a chance to see Mary until we came back to the house, and then we couldn't visit for long since Dan was getting fussy (it was his nap time) and William was getting tired himself.

Friday was William's swimming lesson-- that was a big day for him! We drove down to Orange County where an old classmate of mine from high school has a swimming center. William wound up being in the water for probably around 45 minutes, and I was pretty amazed he lasted that long. And he didn't even nap much more later in the day, but mercifully, he did sleep through the night after that. Tami taught me how to cue him for going under water, how to hold him for dunking him, how to help him float, how to get into the pool from sitting on the edge, a whole bunch of good tips. Terry took photos (which I already posted) but also videos, which hopefully I'll remember to post once I've edited them. From now through the end of the year, there really isn't much to do with William in the water but help him float and work on very brief underwater times (about 1 second or so). Once he's 7-9 months old, there are a few more things to do with him. Or maybe it's more like you can do the same things, but take it up a notch. For convenience, I'll take him for "swimming" practice in my soaking tub, it'll be a good excuse for me to take more baths, and the warm water will be more comfortable for William than colder pool water.

Yesterday morning I took William out briefly to watch the surfers. The waves were larger than usual (they looked about 8' to me based on how much higher they were than the surfers on them) so it was exciting viewing.

Last night was also the night when the city had a free movie night on the beach. Having a condo right by the pier is so convenient, when it was time to go out there, we just walked out in our bare feet and settled in. Terry could carry all the beach towels & chair by himself since we don't have to go far. It was a good concept, and was fun watching a movie together-- the first time we've gone out for a movie together since William was born. But the movie itself, the Indiana Jones one with the crystal skull, was pretty bad. Nevertheless, we stayed through the whole thing since the sound was loud enough we would've heard it through our condo windows anyway if we were at home, so we might as well have been out there watching it than trying to tune it out. William slept in his sling pretty much the entire time. I opted to keep him right on me rather than put him in his peapod since I thought he'd stay warmer on me. It was chilly out on the beach at night.

Today we had another morning play date, this time with Erica & Matt Meyers's kids, Aniela and Nate. They live on the edge of Santa Monica, and we hung out at their home for several hours. Once again, I was surprised how long William stayed reasonable. He did have one crying spell, and he didn't eat well, but overall he seemed to enjoy the visit. Erica even gave him a toy to take home, a pyramid with all kinds of interactive stuff on it to make tummy time more fun for him. Fortunately, it folds flat so we can easily pack it in our luggage.

The longer we're out here, the more we toy with the idea of moving. There's nothing really to keep us out on the farm (other than Terry's gardening, but who knows if that will last another season). I'm not prepared to abandon our place in Virginia, it's too idyllic, but it might be a nice change of pace to rent a place out here for a year or two at some point. But I think I wouldn't want to bother unless we could get a place within walking distance of a beach. For us, California is all about the coast, not inland. And for me, it's all about LA county, although Terry favors areas further north and south.

Tomorrow is our last full day here, and we'll probably spend it on the beach. I'm not particularly anxious to get back, it's really nice here, and it looks like it's still oppressively hot in VA. But as soon as I get back I can start planning for our trip to NYC in September. Well, as soon as I'm no longer dealing with a jet-lagged baby, it will probably take several days of effort to get William back to normal.