Addicted To Bejeweled Blitz

I've been spending too much time playing Bejeweled Blitz on facebook to blog. Those facebook games are so addicting! On the plus side, it's gotten me over the sorority game which was getting old.

William's poop is different than it used to be, so I spent part of the day looking up what could be causing it. I discovered that there is wide variation in baby poop, both in frequency, color, and consistency, and as long as the kid is gaining weight and not in pain than anything goes, really.

Later in the day I was back on, this time trying to find a condo to stay in when we go up to NYC next month. I have a doctor appointment on the 11th, so our timing isn't quite as flexible as it was for the CA trip.

William was fussy again most of the day today. He really had a breakdown in the car on the way home from Friday's After Five. We left around 8pm, which is a little after his bedtime, but he hasn't fallen asleep before 9pm since we got back from the west coast so I didn't think it would be a problem. At least he had a good time at the event. We ran into Nikki & Jeff and their girls, and were sitting in an area full of babies. William enjoyed the music and looking at all the people. We don't think he's ever been anywhere yet with so many babies to see in one place. We also ran into one of our midwives, who reminded us that William will forever be remembered at their practice as the panic-inducing terror baby. He was the only emergency transfer they've had in over ten years of midwifery.

Terry plowed around the pumpkin patch (or what's left of it, since the deer attack) with his new plow. He says it's really fun to use, and cuts through the sod and clay soil like butter. Perhaps I'll give it a try, he does make it sound compelling.

Terry is in the other room holding William so he'll sleep, I had bad stomach pains earlier (I think something I had for dinner at Sal's must have disagreed with me in a bad way) so I'm resting in the guest bedroom. Where it's quiet with no baby yowling. So back to Bejeweled Blitz to kill time before the 11pm feed. . .