Spider Solitaire

I'm back to playing Spider Solitaire. I played that for hours and hours every morning on my palm pilot when I first moved to NYC. I took a break from playing Bejeweled Blitz and got back into the Spider. Physically, it's harder to play on my laptop since I have to exert more effort to move my finger over the touchpad than to tap with the stylus on the palm pilot. But there are soothing little "pffft pffft pffft" sound effects when the cards are dealt on the laptop, so it evens out the enjoyability factor.

I think this focus on videogames might be because I haven't been taking my antidepressants every day lately. I seem to have misplaced the last prescription from my doctor, and my old pills are running out, so I'm not taking them every day. I guess I should look around and try to find the scrip. I think the reason I haven't bothered so far is because I have this feeling that Terry probably threw it out on accident. He doesn't pay attention when he gets rid of things, and a whole pile of stuff I had down in our mail box in the hallway looks like it's gone, and it's likely I put the prescription in there while I was waiting for time to fill it. But I'll check my calendar and see what else I was doing the day of my last appointment, perhaps I stuffed it in a shopping bag and I'll find it there.