I'm Cooking Again

Since Terry has made it abundantly clear that he would like to be rid of the responsibility of cooking for the family, I've taken it up again.

Today I was in town running errands, and had to get a prescription filled at the Sam's Club, so I wandered around the 20 minutes while I was waiting (which turned into ONE HOUR, but that's another story). Sam's Club has some pretty good looking meat and fish now. They've rearranged the store layout, and I suspect this focus on butcher cuts of meat is part of some larger marketing renovation. I'm amazed at what good prices they've got for meat. True, it's not certified organic, but at least the stuff doesn't have additives. I'll have to check the labels more closely, but I think I read that the beef at least is raised without added hormones. That's the main reason I buy organic, although I also prefer the herds not be treated with excessive antibiotics. After the hormone thing, I'm most concerned with the food animals' lifestyle issues rather than being "certified organic". I'd rather eat meat from a cow that was free range supplemented with non-organic pesticide-sprayed hay than a cow that was confined to a stall all its life and fed only organic feed. But this is not the point of my post, let's move on.

Since I'll be doing the cooking, I stocked up on ingredients I need to make healthy meals. NOT the same things Terry would buy at all. And I am taking Terry up on his offer to do prep work and cleanup in exchange for me actually cooking.

Since I got some beautiful Ahi Tuna at the Sam's Club today, I figured I'd cook that first. I checked out and found a recipe for Fresh Tuna Tacos and Two Bean and Corn Salad. I made a list of the extra ingredients I'd need and sent Terry off to fetch them from the Harris Teeter (he had other errands to run in Crozet, otherwise I would have improvised with what I had on hand).

When it was time to cook, there were all my ingredients, neatly arranged on the kitchen island. Just like a cooking show. And Terry had taken out 2 cups of frozen corn kernels to thaw, and chopped a few tablespoons of cilantro like I had asked.

Unfortunately, I still spent about an hour preparing dinner. Mostly chopping various ingredients. Terry would have been willing to chop things, I'm sure, but he was dealing with William, who has been a fussy pill all day. And this evening I had a headache and decided I'd rather chop vegetables than deal with a crying baby. On days William is easier to manage, I'll probably opt to babysit him instead of food prep.

Both Terry and I suspect he'll be able to chop or prep food faster than I do, once he learns the techniques. It's probably like cleaning. I do it technically better, but it takes me SO much longer that Terry gets a better effort/results ratio. But when it comes to actually putting the food together and cooking it, he has curiously little patience for it, whereas I don't think it's such a big deal, if my mise en place is done.

I thought about taking pictures, but my camera was upstairs and Terry took so long getting William to sleep I didn't want to risk waking him up. But I did link to the recipes. Both are good, and fairly easy. The bean salad makes enough for a crowd. If Terry and I don't finish it in 3 days, that's usually when I convert mixed salads like that into a tapenade, and finish it up as a spread on bread or crackers.