Not Waiting To Win Lottery To Paint My Nails

I've been so busy thinking about how I'm going to hire a manicurist to make house calls every Friday morning to give me a fresh manicure and pedicure each weekend once I win the lottery, that I almost forgot I could just do it myself.

So while I was getting ready this afternoon to go out to dinner with a friend, I painted my fingernails.

I used "Chip Skip" by OPI in lieu of a base coat, it's supposed to be used over your bare nails to make nail polish adhere better. Some online reviewers claimed to be amazed that they went a whole week without their nail polish chipping. If my nails make it through the weekend without chipping, I'll be impressed (five days). Mine are usually looking pretty trashed within a few days since I'm not particularly delicate with my hands. I'm curious to see if the Chip Skip will work for me.