William On The Baby Swing

Today I took William to the La Leche League get-together in Greenleaf Park. I didn't immediately see the group since I was running a little late, and it was time to feed William so as soon as I got to the park I just threw down my blanket under a tree and started nursing.

After he ate, I took him to the baby swings. The back of the swing came up to his shoulders, but it said right on the swing that they were intended for very small children, so I gave it a try. At first I sat him in the front so he was leaning against the front edge of the seat, but he was just looking at the ground so I thought maybe he didn't like that so much.

Then I adjusted his position so he was in the back part of the seat, he liked that better. I pushed him just a very little, never out of my reach since I was kind of paranoid that he'd fall out and I wanted to be able to catch him if he started to tip himself over. He was having so much fun I decided to go get my camera to take a video.

However, by the time I carried him back to the blanket, got the camera, and took him back to the swing, he became a little tired. So in my photos and video he looks supremely bored and underwhelmed by the experience, not like he's having fun.

I've gotta go do his dream feed (I'm already 30 minutes late, but since he doesn't wake up for it he doesn't seem to mind), so I can't post the images tonight. Plus I got really tired myself this evening, fell asleep from about 8:30pm to 10:30pm. And I'm still tired. Weird.