The Mystery of Mr. X

I am befuddled by someone who befriended me in facebook way back when I first signed up. I don't remember the guy, but when I looked him up online, it seemed like I should. He was in the same college organizations as me, at the same time. But I just didn't remember him. But I was less systematic about who I friended or not back then, so we're facebook friends.

It's been nearly two years, and even after reading his posts, seeing photos, etc. all this time, I still can't figure out how we know each other, since I still can't remember. However, I will say that he seems like a really cool guy now, at any rate.

Tonight I finally looked him up in my college yearbook, to see if that would jog my memory. I would have looked this up sooner, but my yearbooks were packed away in a box in a rarely-used cupboard. But tonight I dragged them out.

I didn't see him listed in the index for my second year, so the next yearbook in the stack was from my first year at college. He was listed in that one, and seeing his photo of how he looked then jogged my memory a little bit. My gut feeling was that he was in the engineering school, or one of the few higher math or computer programming classes I took. But I STILL don't remember anything specific.

Curiously, he was a third year student when I was a first year student. I really don't recall how we would know each other. We must've been on the newspaper staff around the same time, but perhaps we weren't in the offices much together. There are people who were in there the same time as me every evening who I'm still in touch with. He lives in Manhattan, perhaps we met long after graduation at one of the alumni events I attended. I was typically fairly distracted at those things, it's quite possible I talked to him for an hour and didn't even remember it the next week.

I just checked the facebook "friend wheel" which shows the connections between friends (which of your friends are friended with which others). He's not friends with anyone else on my friend list! It's really a mystery to me.

There is an chance that he friended me on accident, that he was looking for a different Heidi Thorsen, and doesn't remember Heidi Waters from UVA at all, it's just a coincidence we went there together. But I can't bring myself to bring this up via facebook, since I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings if he remembered me and I didn't remember him. And it doesn't really matter, so there's no reason to bring it up. He could always "un-friend" me if he made a mistake, but he hasn't.

This may remain a mystery for the rest of my life, who knows. But it's been going on so long, it's bugging me. I think I'll go check his friend list, to see if I know ANYONE else he does, that could give me a clue. . .