Redundant Gaming Systems

It's a good thing I have some built-in redundancy with my home gaming systems!

Today I wanted to play some videogames (big surprise, eh?), so I went to fire up the Wii, but the controllers weren't charged! They are kind of finicky on their chargers, and must be positioned just so to get charged. The maid must have bumped them while she was cleaning. So I set them back to charging, and went upstairs to play with the PS3.

I read some reviews and chose a few new downloadable games to try, so I got those going in the background while I played Bejeweled 2. When the first of the two games was downloaded, I switched over to play that.

But when it started to install, I got that frustrating message, "this game senses your system is not updated, you must first update your system before you can install this game." The problem is that system updates CANNOT download in the background, so you can't play any other games while this is happening. And there's no warning, either, so you can't just opt to wait until you're tired playing and have it update the system overnight or anything. Grrr. According to the download manager, it will take about an hour to finish.

Fortunately for me, I still have my laptop! Otherwise my game-playing desires would have been thwarted! Maybe I'll catch up on my farming games on facebook. Or play Flood It, I haven't played that one in a little while. Or explore some of the games that came pre-loaded on my new laptop.

My desire to play games all day reminds me of the line the Jim character has in an episode of the office. He's a paper salesman, and someone asks him if he's got a lot of work to do that afternoon, and he replies, "Tons. Those mines aren't going to sweep themselves." It it ironic that it took me a few minutes to get it.