Sketchy Craigslist Listings

My friend Marissa, who used to work in real estate in Manhattan, suggested I check out craigslist to find an apartment for rent for my upcoming trip. She said you could get one for less than they charge on, but the problem is that some of the apartments listed don't exist. But she'd be willing to check them out for me before I make a deposit.

I've emailed the owners about several apartments, and sure enough, it seems suspicious. For instance, the description of an apartment on the upper east side sent to me in an email matched exactly the description of an apartment in midtown. Hmmm. The ones who have inconsistencies in the description I'm not even considering (ie the address is on the upper west side, but they describe the neighborhood as "downtown", or the title says 2br, but the description says studio).

Nevertheless, I'll check out the ones without internal inconsistencies, I've asked if it's ok to have my friend check out the apartment before I make my deposit. One guy I asked yesterday and haven't heard back from.

I'll try looking more on, and go back to At least those sites vet the owners and have some guarantee that the apartment exists. My least favorite option will be to look for a hotel room since they're usually small, but if I could find one with suites for a reasonable price that would be fine.