Other Activities Coming To Mind

My mind is finally drifting from its obsession with videogames back to more concrete projects.

I've been thinking about finishing the other shade for the upstairs lounge. Although now I also need to REPAIR the current shade. I don't know how it happened (although I suspect the cats), but the ribbon I used to pull up the shade broke, so I need to tie it back together and re-string it through the loops.

I was also reminded by a friend's fb status update that I I have not finished William's quilt. I have all I need to quilt it, I just haven't planned out what stitches/designs I'll use, or actually started quilting. My big plans to have that done before the county fair fell to the wayside once I decided to go on vacation instead of the fair. But it would still be nice to have that done so William can use it. Although it goes better in his own room. The quilt my friend made for me is currently in use in his cradle in our bedroom, since it matches our room very well.

It is still difficult to get going on these things with William needing so much attention. I wonder if Terry and I have been misparenting him so that he relies on us to entertain him, instead of being capable of entertaining himself. My gut says he's too little to do much playing on his own right now, he'll be able to do more once he can sit unassisted. And he's self-entertaining in the respect that when I take him to the beach (or even sit with him on the front porch), I don't really have to play with him much, as long as I position him so he can look around at things. It's only in the house that he gets fussy. Hopefully the weather will cool off a little so I can spend more time with him outside. Then I can read a book while he looks around. It's a good way to kill a few hours, in my opinion.

But because I sew on a machine and not by hand, I can't really work on my projects outdoors. Aha! I could knit while watching him outside. I do need to knit the second sock for his two-color pair I started before the baptism. Hopefully, the first one still fits!