Why Is William Horrible?

I went to look at the photos I submitted to the Parents magazine vacation photos contest, and horrified that someone voted that my baby was "Horrible!"

There are five stars to rank the photos, and the captions to the stars are:

I love it!
I like it.
It's alright.
Not for me.

And my photos all got one vote, and all but one was "Horrible!" Now, I didn't send the gallery link to any of my friends or family to vote or anything, so I don't think it's personal, but still! How rude! I flipped through some other galleries and if I saw a baby picture I didn't like, I didn't give it a bad vote, I just abstained, and only gave positive votes to the ones I did like.

Or am I that deluded about my own baby photos? Are they really horrible, and I just can't see it? I suppose it's possible. He does have little baby man-boobs in the first photo, like a mini Jabba-the-Hut. But I thought it was cute.

If anyone agrees with me that my William photos are NOT "Horrible!" then do me a favor and give them a more accurate vote (even "It's alright." is way less psychologically damaging), so the next time I look I won't be demoralized.

Here's the link to the photo album, there are 6 photos.

I could probably vote them all 5-star myself, then it would show the average. But then, I wouldn't have the reality-check of knowing if I am deluding myself about the cuteness of my own baby. Maybe my photos really are not cute at all, and I should stop posting them here, and on facebook, too. But I have gotten some favorable comments on some of those pictures, so I think it's just a problem with strangers, not people who know William and me.

William is a very cute babe.

William is a very cute babe. I have his picture/birth announcement at my desk at home. My younger boys really like the picture and ask me every other day who he is and how I know him. You pretty much get the unfiltered truth from 6 and 7 year olds and they like his picture.

Thanks, Ernie. Your comment

Thanks, Ernie. Your comment cheered me up a bit about the situation :-)

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