Still Looking For An Apartment

Having had an apartment of our own in NYC for so many years now, I never realized what a hassle it would be to find a place to stay once we got rid of it.

Of course, if price were no object it would be easy to find a place to stay. But we still have a few weeks before our trip, so I'm still trying to stick to our budget.

As it is, our 4-day trip budget is about the same as carrying costs for our apartment for an entire month. So I suppose it might have been worthwhile to save the apartment if we plan on going to NYC at least once a month. But we don't. Plus, we'd rather stay in Manhattan than in Jersey City.

I've given up on craigslist, I just can't be bothered trying to filter through the scams to find a legitimate offer. Today I sent out several inquiries off vrbo, but so far no one has had availability on our dates. Except for one rental group, which has an apartment that is not listed on their website, so I'm a little wary of it.

I've started making backup plans to stay at a hotel. There's a suite hotel downtown on that is only slightly over our budget. I'd have to book the hotel without knowing the exact name or location, but I'm very familiar with the neighborhood in question (since the AFS offices were down there) and I'm fine with that. The downtown hotels are generally pretty nice, since they cater to businessmen rather than tourists. But before I book that (since there are no refunds or cancellations at the hotwire rate), I'll wait to hear back from the rest of the vrbo apartment owners.