Guitar Hero Interrupted

I knew there was a risk when I turned on Guitar Hero when the maid had already been here for an hour-- that she would finish upstairs while I was playing, and I'd be playing Guitar Hero in the TV room while she scrubbed the kitchen floor.

So it came to pass. I continued for another few songs, but decided to stop and head upstairs before it got to the point where she would be vacuuming around me as I played a videogame. I admit feeling a little sheepish about goofing off while someone else cleans my house, but she's earning a very good wage. I just remind myself that I am incapable of keeping a neat house, it's a medical disability and not my fault.

Despite the distraction, I played better than I expected given my lack of practice. After running through Barracuda in medium a few times (my best run I missed 6 notes, when I'm aiming for perfection), I played Lay Down with only one missed note. That didn't improve my online record, but it was both fun and satisfying. There are still quite a few songs on the medium level I have yet to perfect. When you play it through without missing any notes, you get 5 gold stars, and it looks very pretty on the song menu screen. Now, not missing any notes is not the same as maximizing your score. You can get much higher scores by perfectly timing your star power activations than my getting all the notes right, although if you do both that's the best. That's what I did on the easy level to make the top 50 (although I've now sunk into the 70s, last I checked).

Since Terry is playing with William (whose schedule has become erratic, I'm beginning to wonder if he's in a growth spurt this week, which could explain a lot), I'll check craigslist to see if anyone is selling a used serger. I will get one, AND Terry said he'd be happy to get me the necklace pendant I want to make up for forgetting my birthday. Score!

At the time I did give some thought as to whether I'd rather have a husband who would actually remember my birthday instead of a husband who forgets but feels bad about it and is happy to buy jewelry to make up for it. I decided the missing of an individual birthday in and of itself isn't that big a deal, so I'd rather have the jewelry. But if I could trade in the jewelry for a husband who was generally thoughtful as a personality trait, then I'd probably choose that. But I have the husband I have, and while I think overall he's a very good husband, thoughtfulness has never been his strong suit. Luckily for me, he's decent at remorse. . .