First Tournament -- Success!!

I came in 37th place out of 348 in my first Guitar Hero III tournament. I played

  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  • Lay Down
  • Ruby
  • Stricken

for a total of 370,754 points. The first place finisher got 410,031 total points for those songs. That's almost 40,000 more points than I scored, but it wasn't distributed evenly per song. Most of that was for "Stricken" where I could only get up to 139,836 points. My best performance I hit only 547 of 549 notes and 10 of 11 power phrases. Others were getting 100%. I guess I'm not even in the top 10%, but I'm pleased to be in the top 50 contestants, and I'm in the top 15% at least. Not bad for only having the guitar for five days, eh?

I don't think I'm going to enter another tournament again soon, though. Despite my stated goal this morning of getting the taxes done and funding our IRAs, I did little but play GHIII. I'm not sure if I'm addicted or obsessed. I haven't worked on my new website at all for the past few days, and I couldn't be torn away from it last week.

I'm going to disassemble the guitars and put them back in their boxes. That will make it harder for me to just start playing. If I find myself still tempted, I guess I'll unplug the wii itself and put it back in its box. I'll play again when Terry comes home on Wednesday. I need to rest my muscles anyway, my fingers, forearms, and shoulders hurt from too much Guitar Hero. I read about it on the forums, people suggest icing them after play and heating them before play. I think I'll just give the game a rest so it doesn't come to that. . .