Have a lot of meetings or parties to attend, but don't want to show up wearing the same outfit in front of the same people all the time? If you are spending all that much time at meetings or parties, you are probably too busy to keep track of what you wore to each event. But now there is a website to help! I read about it in the WSJ.


I checked it out, thinking maybe I could use it in place of my superduper clothing selector program I want. But it's not really set up for what I need personally, although I did upload a few things to try it out. Instead, it does seem to look like a good tool if you REALLY need to make sure you're not wearing the same outfit every time you have lunch with someone. I can see that this could help an absent-minded professional who has been told they need to pay more attention to this. Or if you are really paranoid that your friends are whispering behind your back, "is that the only party dress she has?" when you wear your favorite dress a few times in a row.

I don't think I'll be using it right now. To test it, I had to put in "eat in at the Dairy Queen" as today's event, and frankly I don't care if the DQ employees see me wearing the same outfit every time I'm in there. THEY are wearing the same outfit every day themselves!

But I'm providing this link in case anyone else needs it, since you can sort by contact, event, etc., could be useful for salespeople or marketing folks who go to conventions, etc.