NY Trip Is Booked!

I decided we'll stay in an apartment in the Lower East Side. The price was reasonable, and I'm familiar with the area. It's trendy. Plus it's right above an organic food cafe and breakfast is included in our rent. It's a walk-up, so there will be some inconvenience with the stroller, but we dealt with stairs at the beach, too. It's not so bad with two people; one carries the baby down the stairs, the other carries the stroller.

I also made our flight reservations. Unfortunately, somehow JetBlue still has Terry's old work email for both of us (?!?!) so I didn't get the confirmation email and I had to enter the information into TripIt by hand.

I made a draft of the Evite for the party we'll throw when we're in town up there. I figure the best way for everyone to see William will be to have an open house on a Saturday afternoon. I'll send it out tomorrow, probably.

I'm toying with the idea of NOT giving William a dreamfeed tonight. He didn't get to sleep until nearly 9pm. He's been off his schedule all day, shrieking crying. During the day I fed him more often than usual, thinking it might be a growth spurt. But tonight, I clued in that his discomfort is probably caused by teething pain rather than hunger. He just wants to nurse a lot to make himself feel better. I figured this out because I had tried everything to get him to sleep, and finally when I tried massaging his gums with my finger, he stopped crying immediately and fell asleep. It's possible it was just coincidence, but it does feel like there is something hard under his top gums. I know you're supposed to look for teeth on the bottom first, and that's where I massaged first, but I felt the teeth more on the top.