I'm surprised I haven't reviewed this product yet, I'm such a big fan. But I just used it again, and am on babysitting duty while Terry showers, so I have time to sit here and blog about it while my enthusiasm for it is fresh.

I decided to try this product after reading an article in a magazine where dermatologists talked about their favorite products. The reason one liked this microdermabrasion kit in particular was because it uses aluminum oxide crystals. Unlike sand or other gritty particles, aluminum oxide crystals have rough edges that stay sharp even when they are rubbed around (other tiny particles with rough edges break down and get smoothed out during use). Aluminum oxide crystals are what they used for professional dermabrasion treatments in that doctor's office, so she was impressed that they L'Oreal had put together such an effective kit for home use.

I've been using it for several years now, and it's the first product I go to when my skin is feeling thick and dull. I have oily skin, and can really feel when the outer surface has not been exfoliated and has buildup.

It's very easy to use-- put the scrubby stuff on your face and rub it in for two minutes (or less if you have sensitive skin). Then rinse it off. That's it. The kit comes with a sunscreen lotion (you WILL want to use sunscreen afterwards if you're headed outside, since your skin will be sensitive after treatment if it wasn't already before the treatment. Sometimes I use their lotion, sometimes I use my regular lotion, whatever.

Today, although my skin felt 100x better after the microdermabrasion alone, I decided to kick it up a notch and used a mask afterwards. With the skin freshly exfoliated, the mask was able to penetrate better. Once that one-two punch to the skin my face glowed like I just came from a facial, and feels marvelous.

I have been using the same kit for years now, with no decrease in effectiveness of the scrubby potion. I suspect the sunscreen has lost some potency, but my makeup has sunscreen in it also, so I don't care.

When I did a quick search to check the exact name of this product, I found some for sale on ebay. It's past its date, but I asked the seller HOW far past its date, since if it's just a matter of weeks or even months I'll probably still get some more, it's a very good price and I know from experience the scrubby part will still be good. I'm still waiting for a response. I think I bought the new kit for around $22 at WalMart, haven't checked the current new price.

In my search, I also found another review of the product. That user expected more dramatic results, but still had an overall favorable impression. I've been really pleased with my results, but I do fall into the category of users who uses it on an as-needed basis before a party or when my skin needs a pick-me-up. I'm not using it to erase years off my appearance or anything, just to make my skin feel wonderful and have a pretty glow.

Here's another page that reviews several different at-home microdermabrasion products. I might try the Olay brand kit myself. I think I prefer to exfoliate without a mechanical tool, too much hassle, so I'll avoid the Neutrogena thing. It's convenient that Olay puts the peeling mask together with its scrub. But then you'll have to provide your own sunscreen lotion. So the L'Oreal makes you provide your own mask, but gives you the lotion. Either way, I figure about the same value (although it looks like the L'Oreal is less expensive now than it used to be).

Bottom Line: I recommend this product to anyone over the age of 25 whose skin is prone to dullness and is not terribly sensitive.