Twelve Days to Top Ten in Pictophone

I've been playing this game on facebook called "Pictophone" since August 17th, and today I am one of the top 10 players! Finally, a facebook game where I am not trailing all my smarter friends!

Occasionally in the other games I'll be ranked first for the week, but only until someone else plays the game. . .and I'm never first amongst my friends overall. I have some very smart friends, and also some who are both smart AND good at videogames.

But finally, I've found a game where I'm naturally good. Pictophone is the visual equivalent of that game "telephone" we played as kids. One person whispers a phrase to the person next to him, it goes around the circle, and it's funny to find out what the last person thinks the original phrase was. In pictophone someone writes a phrase, the next person illustrates it, the third person writes a caption for that picture, and so on.

The illustration portion reminds me of the newspaper job I had in college-- I was the graphics editor. The Life and Editorial sections would give us articles, and we had to come up with an illustration for it. I apply the same principles I used then to illustrating the pictophone captions. Determine the main point, then illustrate it as clearly and simply as possible.

Caption-writing is new to me, but the point is to be funny about it, so I do my best. Here's a link to my illustration with the most "bump ups" which are the votes that determine your rank amongst all participants. But it's not MY favorite drawing. That would probably go to the Disco Chicken drawing. I'm not sure if anyone not in facebook can see these links, but give it a try. If the pages load for you, you can click on my name under my particular game panel to go to my profile and see all my stuff if you're interested. At least if you're logged into facebook you probably can, I'm not sure otherwise.