Nice Trip To Richmond

On Saturday afternoon, my sister called to say that my aunt and a cousin (once removed) would be visiting my parents in Richmond from 9am to noon the next day, if I was interested in stopping in to visit.

It was rather short notice, in my opinion, but Terry said he'd drive, and I found out I'd be able to catch an afternoon Mass in Richmond (Glen Allen, really), so I was fine with that.

We had a nice visit, and the grandparents were delighted to play with William, as usual. Terry and I were able to go out to dinner together last night while my parents watched William once I got him to bed. Unfortunately, a lot of places around there are not open for dinner on Sunday nights, and we didn't get the boy to sleep until after 8pm. We wound up going to a Mexican place. We arrived around 8:30pm, and were out of there by 9pm when they closed. It was a rather short evening out, but we'll take what we can get. Since visiting with relatives was the main reason for the timing of our visit, it was ok that we didn't have much of a break. But we'll certainly keep this in mind when we plan our next trip out there, and go on a weeknight.

Today I went to nearby Short Pump mall to try to find a non-maternity pair of jeans and a new nursing bra. I tried on several articles, but came home with nothing since they didn't have the right size bra, and my old maternity jeans are still more flattering than the non-maternity jeans I tried on, believe it or not. Sad but true.

Although I bombed out on my mission within the first 30 minutes of arriving at the mall, I wasn't interested in returning home so soon when I was free (FREE!) until the next feed. So I stopped in a few kids' places. I got an alphabet placemat for William since he'll be eating soon. I got a book "Crouching Father, Hidden Toddler" for Terry since a friend recommended it to him. A wooden xylophone was on sale, so I got that, also.

Now that William is a whopping 16 pounds, we're running a little short on outfits for him. We have a decent number of onesies that fit, but they look a little baby-ish on him if he doesn't wear pants over them now that he's larger. And wearing pants over his onesie is wildly inconvenient while we're trying to potty-train him, so we don't dress him in pants much. But I did find a cute pair of overalls with a snap crotch, and I got a couple shirts to wear under them to make some cute outfits. The color of the denim overalls matches the blue of his eyes, so he's really adorably in his new outfit. I might even have him wear it for our family portrait this fall. He looks like a miniature farmer. Maybe we'll each wear our overalls, and get our family photo taken on the tractor. That would be fun.

My mother loaned us an exersaucer and a Bumbo. We don't really have room for the exersaucer anywhere, but William was having such a good time playing in it we brought it home. Terry says he wants to try putting it in his studio, although I don't see how that would work. First of all, there is barely room to walk through there as it is, and secondly, the only path wide enough to fit the exersaucer is not anywhere that William could see Terry when he's in there, so I don't think he'll be happy playing in there. But I told Terry he's welcome to give it a try. I suspect the toy will wind up out on the porch. We've got a little bit of room out there (where 3 chairs go when we have a party, but the rest of the time we leave the chairs stacked in a corner so there's some open space most of the time), and it will be nice to spend more time outdoors now that the weather is cooling down.

I spent the evening back there once we got home from Richmond. I was really surprised how cool it was, when it had been so warm so recently. I was a little cool in my tank top, and William was not too warm in a long-sleeve shirt and his overalls. If the weather stays this lovely, hopefully I will be able to start preparing my garden this week.